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The Platform to Unite Humanity,
Be The Conversation


Truth Equality and Abundance for all life
are the solutions for all problems on Earth!

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Unite First Not Last.

Our world is controlled by criminal heartless minds


savagely raping our planet and our relations.


We are enslaved by the burden of CO$T to live.


To end this madness we can easily agree to change


governing to by the people by the vast majority of humans.


One idea or issue and one vote with 80 percent a yes or no.


No more leaders or following.


As truth becomes the normal state of society we recover our planet's ecosystems

and utilize freely the solutions to all that is broken or degraded.


The outcome will be 1 plus day work weeks and happy fulfilled


lives for everyone and nature too.

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Letter to Humanity

Humanity cannot fix a Competitive Governing and Money Economy. Leaders


never tell the truth, laws protect the wealthy. Profiting impoverishes all life.


Stressing to live is dying.  Nothing in today's societies around the world is


sustainable or are growing intelligently with time. We are eight billion humans.


 All impoverished heart and soul and mind, but for a few among the good and


bad and one percent fascist controllers. Thus surviving is not realized. Yet we


feed our egos with hopeful celebrities only to fail and fail again from generations


past and present.  No hierarchic leadership or trillions of dollars can reverse our


decaying earth home. Only uniting first to change our governing and


stewardship of Earth to allow the people by 80 percent to collaborate and


intimately cooperate to recover our ecosystems and species gives us hope for a


future. To apply the stock piled solutions hidden from humanity world wide we


must end hierarchical leadership, politics, wars, rules of law and money. Give all


life truth equality and abundance to regenerate our planet sustainably. Thriving


comes after we UniteFirst with love demanding/choosing Peace First Not Last.  


Could we save the earth's life systems competitively, we would all be thriving


and fulfilled now and yesterday without poverty, war, and divided minds and


hearts. www.unitefirst.org


Unite First



End the Fighting. Unite with Humanity here

for Everlasting Peace

The People's Global Platform


We the PEOPLE of The World hereby take a GLOBAL Consensus to be held HERE and NOW, WORLD WIDE.


Only when ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD have the first and final say in ALL decision making by a VAST MAJORITY VOTE = 80%, are we governing BY And Of The People.


The People’s Consensus is NOT for any existing government of the world to perform. It is to exercise each individual person’s right to Click ( I Agree ) to this consensus and to have ONE VOTE, PER PERSON, PER ISSUE world wide forever more.


We agree to the following Universal Principles to live by.


  1)  We agree that government, laws, and money enforced by "representatives" is the  source of all inequality and suffering on earth.


  2)   We agree that Governing by the "People" is the single and only solution for truth, equality, abundance, and peace for all life.  


  3)  We agree to end poverty, war, and molestation.  Stop using money and mineral exchange of any kind forever.  We agree to always  give all life abundance to end limiting each others value. Not ownership, but usser ship until passed on.


  4)  We agree  to task the experts in all fields of life around the world to cooperate across all continents, to inform and educate the people without prejudice, so that everyone can choose from self empowering truth filled knowledge, for the intention of benevolent and wise choices for all life.


  5)  We agree to stop all aggression and dismantle all weapons and war machines.


  6)  We agree to one rule of law only: Non Agression - Do No Harm!


  7)  We agree that all life including nature has equal universal rights to life.


  8)  We agree to no courts, war, military, policing, or incarceration. Instead we help all  who want and accept help and protect those who don't.


  9)  We agree to humanely confine Psychopaths and Sociopaths and give them the  ability to choose to heal their emotions and conditioning.


10)  We agree to no borders or country's. No Identification necessary. We agree to be respectful and kind neighbors, and always nurture life.


11)  We agree to our planet's full recovery from man's ravaging immediately.  We agree that intense, intimate cooperation across all continents is essential to reviving our planet’s life systems.


12)  We agree where conflict, aggression, or poverty occurs of any kind the immediate local and global community will realize its resolve peacefully forthwith.


13)  We agree to implement solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life!


14)  The people most able as peacekeepers protect individual’s FREEWILL choice to walk out of enslavement into a new world of global abundance, peace, and coherence for all life.


15)  In global and local cooperation we agree to convert voluntary military personnel, engineering, technology, and equipment, to recover the infrastructures, revive ecosystems, and create plumbing, water, energy, and food production systems perpetually biodegradable, peacefully world wide.


16)  We agree to re-purpose all waste. Use minimal and always biodegradable packaging, and naturalize production, distribution, transportation, and communication reusable, upgradable, and always biodegradable.


By clicking ( I Agree ) we choose to be responsible for the truth in all matters local and Global for the well being of all life in creation. 


This Agreement signifies humanity’s willingness to cooperate to live free and kind. (We in-vision a GLOBAL MIND AND HEART SHIFT recognized by a critical mass’ of I Agrees to be DAY ONE … and on that DAY all humanity has participated in this conversation witnessed by every man, woman, child DECLARING our sovereignty to each other!  


"Don't fight or protest.  Unite with humanity to change humanity's management systems to by the people by vast majority agreement to give all life peace and fulfillment.


COPY AND POST:   www.unitefirst.org   TO PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE  


Since the beginning: humans have always observed the right choices to make. It goes without saying that creation perpetuates by a set of principles that cannot be denied for they are evidenced in every moment. This concludes that humans can always make right choices that harmonize.


Naturalizing our production systems ``biodegradable" is how we save our planet and provide for the well being of all life perpetually.  The answers to all of the planet's problems are ready to apply.  Agriculture, clean water, energy, transportation, communication, architecture, knowledge, True Psychology, True Science, True Health Care, and all production systems can be open source, common knowledge, and perpetually biodegradable.


This means the end of consuming the planet's resources. Every person involved in a subject has equally respected input and as a group the applications become self evident without leaders. We are always learning and growing, because our choices come from benevolent intent.


Humanity and all life thrive heart to heart...


*** Be the Conversation -

We must all ask each other everyday to Agree to live in peace

with truth equality and abundance for all life. ***

COPY AND POST :   www.unitefirst.org   TO PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE  

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