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A United Earth

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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,

and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Dialogue for Peace Call 2 Act from WeAgree Founder

Erykah Sundance Principles

We are giving you 40+ years of Peace Crafting,

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We are fulfilling the Eagle and Condor Prophecy

to unite  humanity in peace From your House

with one Planetary Law : Do No Harm

in this Kind Online Convention,

We are eager to TALK WITH You

We need you and the majority of the planet on Board!

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The people have the natural right to petition themselves to create a new or a modified governance.

Only when ALL OF THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD have the first and final say in ALL issues by a VAST MAJORITY VOTE, are we governing BY and FOR The People.


We, the Citizens of The World, hereby hold a Peoples' Convention for the Citizens of The World to be held HERE and NOW, WORLD WIDE, on this Web Site. 


The Peoples' Convention is NOT for any government agency of the world to perform. It is to exercise each individual citizen's right to agree to this petition and have ONE VOTE, PER CITIZEN, PER ISSUE for the rest of our existence.


WE The People task the EXPERTS in ALL FIELDS of LIFE in the WORLD to COOPERATE with each other; to INFORM and EDUCATE the Citizens of the world without prejudice so that all of humanity may choose and vote from self empowering, truth filled knowledge of the subjects and issues in solidarity of benevolent and wise intent by the citizen-voters, for the well being of all life during the rest of our existence.

We recognize Earth Jubilee <iframe src=""></iframe>


By agreeing to the Transition Principles we affirm that we choose to be responsible citizen voters of ALL MATTERS for the well being of ALL LIFE.


We agree to the following Transition Principles:

WeAgree To Life Principles 



We agree every Human on this Earth has the equal choice and responsibility of living in autonomy as individuals, and in harmony as diverse communities and cultures.


We agree that NO medium of exchange (money) will be used or recognized as value, or used to prejudice each other’s inherent value (life itself). Every Human is afforded need, want and opportunity. We agree that equality is the source of all wisdom, and LIFE is the source of all value.


We agree that Nature has the same rights as human beings. We agree to afford our Earth full recovery from man’s ravaging. We agree that intense, intimate cooperation across all continents is essential to reviving our Earth’s life systems and atmosphere.

We agree to cooperation worldwide to repurpose military personnel, engineering, technology, and equipment to recover the infrastructures, revive ecosystems and create plumbing, water, energy, and food production systems.


We agree that where conflict, aggression or poverty occurs, the immediate community, supported by the global community, will realize its immediate resolve. We agree to no policing or penalties. In severe or perverse situations, humane monitoring respectfully brings the matter to correction. We agree to never torture life.


We agree to no laws, and no representative governing of any kind. No heads of state or bureaucrats of any kind. No borders. No courts. No military of any kind. We agree to dismantle all weapons and war machines and military bases. We agree to not use passports, personal identification, or licenses. All resources and infrastructure are available to all, and the responsibility of all.


We agree to cooperate without hierarchy and collaborate in all fields of life across all continents, to inform and educate each other without prejudice, so that everyone can choose from a self-empowering, truth-filled, transparent knowledge base, to platform benevolent and wise intent for all matters and considerations.

We agree to insure all collective decisions are always made by the people; one issue, one person, one vote.  A vast majority of 80% of the people, must vote and 80% of the vote cast for yes is an agreement. Anything less requires a revisiting of the subject matter before a revote.


We agree to implement solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life! We agree to implement technology only in life-affirming ways.


We agree to maintain present infrastructures until we transition to natural, life-affirming systems.

We in-vision a GLOBAL HEART SHIFT recognized by a critical mass of “We Agree” as

Transition Day One. On this DAY, humanity reclaims its Earth Garden as our birthright .

*This is a trust agreement among the vast majority of humanity.

  Your agreement exercises our right to free the world.


Imagine the feeling of pure freedom and autonomy for all life from humans, animals, insects, to plant life. The planet, the moon, all of the planets and stars transition over night. Nothing changes, yet instantly every thought, feeling, and choice begins to naturalize the world internally and externally.


Transition day one becomes two and three into a year, a decade into forever. We have emancipated our lives into freedom and mutual dignity from incarnation after incarnation; into new realms in harmony with all of existence. This is our choice to make as we realize our desires to be one and fulfilled.


Autonomous partners we all, living for each other’s well being.  We have aligned with the perpetual, the whole of our galaxy, and all of the galaxies.  Thus the transition begins as humanity learns to breath in experience, breath out creativity for the well being of all.


Day one and forward: The transition ----> transformation begins:

We live our lives without government, laws, and money. Life is free and accessible to everyone as freedom reigns throughout the world. We immediately come to the aid of everyone in need locally and globally. We immediately cooperate worldwide to recover the oceans and water ways, forest, desserts, and atmosphere.


Nothing changes yet everything unnatural begins to naturalize to serve and protect, relate, produce and distribute, and the “media” begins to realize experts and apprentices in each field cooperating to advise the people for voting in natural, perpetual systems.


We see all of the military’s, courts and law enforcement departments realizing their benevolent ones while completely disarming and demolish all weapons,  government buildings, courts,  prisons and jails to naturalize mediation groups throughout the world into creating security and comfort for all.


Every day serves to dignify and celebrate all life. No one is without their right and choice to live free and abundant. Knowledge knows no limits as the truth is our constant reminder of our perfect universe.  


In natural time, we on our planet are thriving in kind…

Since the beginning, humans have always observed the right choices to make. It goes without saying that creation perpetuates by a set of principles that cannot be denied for they are evidenced in every moment. This concludes that humans can make right choices that harmonize.
Naturalizing our systems for all needs wants and desires is how we save our planet and provide for the well being of all life perpetually. We have realized just how perpetual our nature and creative will is. Today we need to look no further than the internet to share our ideas and creations. The answers to all of the planets problems are natural solutions. Agriculture, clean water, energy, transportation, communication, architecture, knowledge, psychology, health care, and all production systems can be naturalized perpetually.
This means the end of consuming the planets resources. This means the end of over-intellectualizing; the end to taking sides, debating, arguing, and competing. Every person involved in a subject has equally respected input and as a group the applications become self evident. We are always learning and growing, because our choices come from benevolent intent.
Humanity and all life will be thriving heart to heart...



This call to action is about our survival. It is not about the New Age or enlightenment or our spiritual journey. It is not about evolution. We Agree makes it possible for humanity to cooperate worldwide; to recover our planet's life systems without hierarchy.


It is not natural to tell each other how to perceive or think. Our self awareness, our beliefs, our enlightenment or spiritual journey is personal, not collective. Our collective responsibility is to ensure our planet and each other’s well being. 

Through this web site, we call to action this Global Conversation that becomes our New Cooperative World.  When enough of the global population Agrees to this New Paradigm Shift, we will stop supporting or serving the old paradigm in ONE DAY. On that day, we begin to realize our natural abilities to live in peace.

If you have questions, ask yourself the following: 

Did you read this website to understand its full potential? Or did you read it as just another idea?


Are you comparing this New Paradigm to the present competitive paradigm? If so you will automatically have doubts. But if you are Imagining how life will be… like John Lennon and billions of people do with his song IMAGINE… you will easily see how this passionate loving call to action is our choice to make to free humanity and recover our life systems.


Did you find a flaw in the principles? If so, you might have little faith in humanity’s ability to live peacefully. Is it not better to make life abundant for everyone than to continue the madness of fear, distrust, scarcity, rape, war, and politics?


In this New Paradigm, most everyone will deprogram from the enslaved conditions we have passed on from generation to generation…


Thank you for caring…

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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,

move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts