Celebrity Sell Outs

I see influential/celebrity earthlings denying the simplest of truths for the sake of holding our positions and feeding our children. From a simple Virus touted without proof I raise a grandiose NO to those lyre's conspiring to advance endless poison, by ignorance of the masses only to satisfy those in control of human choices still hanging on to relentless lies and deception...My fellow Artisans easily deceived for lack of personal courage to see and say conspiracy when all is lost if we don't stand in the truth. Remember 9/11 - remember the truth - Joni, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young among others willing to once again choose separation, not united to thrive in peace. Doomed to chaotic governments and endless suffering to erase all evidence of our enslaving colonizers. Be the messenger or the slave - it's up to you.

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