Change the System to Sustain Life on Earth

Governing by the people means the people decide by vast majority vote of 80% for the well being of our planet and each other. Governing by representatives corrupts law making. Hierarchy's do not represent the people. Not ever. Presidents, Secretary's of State, Cabinet members are enforcers controlling the people. Congress and Senate members are voted for but always the vote is controlled/rigged to insure the people do not have a say. The Supreme Court's decide the Reigning Agenda. Wars are never about enemy's or saving the the world from dictators. Wars are fought for advantage by the Central and World Banks to control all citizens and resources of earth. Medias program the people with both misinformation fake news and advertising. Academia controls the narrative of the truth and the lies. To be political is to be a part of controlling the narrative and the peoples will. Today we are divided as usual by smoke and mirrors, lies and deception, celebrity and war monger's. Motion picture's bloat perceptions, severely dominating how we percieve human potential. Real possibility is shadowed by fantastical courage and retarded horrors. Advantage is given only to the wealthy no matter the prevailing truth. From WW1 to Vietnam to the 9/11 conspiracy and the Plandemic. Our elected leaders have swindled humanity into severe eco-death biowarfare and ignorance. To unite humanity first is our only chance/choice to free humanity from GOVERNMENTS, LAWS BUT ONE DO NO HARM, AND MONEY. THUS "WE CAN CHOOSE TO LIVE UNITED IN TRUTH - EQUALITY - ABUNDANCE AND PEACE FOR ALL LIFE... IN ONE DAY!

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