Day One - A World At Peace

Imagine the feeling of pure freedom and autonomy for all life from humans, animals, insects, to plant life. The planet, the moon, all of the planets and stars transition overnight. Nothing changes, yet instantly every thought, feeling, and choice begins to naturalize the world internally and externally.

Transition day one becomes two and three into a year, a decade into forever. We have emancipated our lives into freedom and mutual dignity from incarnation after incarnation; into new realms in harmony with all of existence. This is our choice to make as we realize our desires to be one and fulfilled.

Autonomous partners we all, living for each other’s wellbeing. We have aligned with the perpetual, the whole of our galaxy, and all of the galaxies. Thus, the transition begins as humanity learns to breath in experience, breath out creativity for the wellbeing of all.

Day One of the New Paradigm Formation: ​

We live our lives without government, laws, and money. Life is free and accessible to everyone as freedom reigns throughout the world. We immediately come to the aid of everyone in need locally and globally. We immediately cooperate worldwide to recover the oceans and water ways, forest, deserts, and atmosphere.

Nothing changes yet everything unnatural begins to naturalize to serve and protect, relate, produce and distribute, and the “media” begins to realize experts and apprentices in each field cooperating to advise the people for voting in natural, perpetual systems.

We see all of the military’s, courts and law enforcement departments realizing their benevolent ones while completely disarming and demolish all weapons, government buildings, courts, prisons and jails to naturalize mediation groups throughout the world into creating security and comfort for all.

Every day serves to dignify and celebrate all life. No one is without their right and choice to live free and abundant. Knowledge knows no limits as the truth is our constant reminder of our perfect universe.

In natural time, we on our planet are thriving in kind ~ Tevin

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