Denying The Truth

What we know for sure is CV19 has never been localized, found anywhere in the human body, not blood saliva, or tissue of lungs. Until we have found the Virus it doesn't exist yet! What does exist to cause pain and death all over the world? Perhaps Pharma pills and chemicals----over fishing our dying oceans and waterways, air pollution, warring, chem trails, genetically modified farming, nuclear accidents and waste, plastics and more plastics, polluted cities, mass single crop production, insecticides, nutrition free manufactured fake and Fast Foods, or seeing the truth as a lie and the lie as the truth, via mainstream media, government, and academia. All based on fear of the truth and fear of being intelligent! More likely we are in a global bio-war perpetrated by the Cabal. Or the virus is real, and the government uses this non- lethal so-called virus to perform a slow organized global genocide. Sooner rather than later now that the people are vehemently divided, yet united to serve the Control of governments laws and money. Most people get in line to be politically correct to keep their paycheck. The global and local solution is the New Paradigm. But you will see how SIMPLE the solutions are, and as always you will deny we could ever live free and kind. You have always denied the solutions. see:

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