First Day of Peace on Earth

Day one: The Unite-First peace conversation has saturated every human in every community worldwide. Everyone has conceded and shared their choice to live in peace. Simultaneously Truth, Equality, and Abundance are the absolute right and experience of all life forever. First day of world peace ends all potential conflict with local and global collaboration to recover earths life resources while all productions are transmuted into 100% biodegradable everything. All production and distribution are almost 100 percent localized. All government, military and law enforcement buildings are turned into museums of what we should never choose. Natural health and education return to the truth and magic of creation. Consciousness and Metaphysics are realized as the source of Peace, Love, and Fulfillment and the true nature of creation and self. Once again choice is everything and doing the right thing is our only choice. We realize we don't need to agree on everything, but we must embrace a vast majority vote of (80%) for all ideas and decision making. see:

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