Gods Verses Reality

The Gods we faithfully serve are nothing more than our slavers, our war mongers and our molesters. The proof is in believing instead of knowing the truth. Choice is the greatest power for love and the greatest threat to life. What we choose divines the moment and the future. Intuition has been replaced with self-denial. Knowing has been programmed out of us by authority. Inteligent people sell their lives for money and control. Governments and Churches both keep the people warring and prejudice.

Reality is, we co-created creation. All of life was once pure oneness. In our oneness we chose to create the universe to experience. Today and for millions if not billions of years humans are born into deep programming and forced to compete to survive or if lucky, with enough selfishness thrive. Today we are eradicating all life and fighting for what is left. Like our sister planets we are mining earth to death. Could we know the truth, would we choose to live in peace? I do!!!

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