Imagine choosing Peace

I, Alan Watts, Frank Sinatra and John Lennon spent 7 hours imagining together Cira 1969 at the Riot house, the Continental Hyatt house, on the Sunset Strip. The outcome of our conversation is the following: Were we, in all ways, choosing benevolently, government laws and money, war poverty and molesting would not exist! Thus, we share truth equality and abundance for all life and nature too. We become neighbors of the Cosmos. Fulfillment is constant without any interference. Imagine universal potential constantly thriving in the Art of each breath in and being love! I was and am now deeply infected with our human potential, and to this day cannot let go of asking for peace. Everyone finding their peace first is impossible with leaders and followers, lying and deceiving for control. Change from hierarchy, to by the vast majority of the people governing, so that peace will last forever. See:

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