Knowing The Truth

Because in spirit - consciousness is made from love - thus the truth is innate in all life in all forms and substance. From birth on Earth, we are programmed into self-denial by gods and leaders and celebrity. The three great lies humans dwell in. This makes us slaves of Gods, Government, Laws and Money to survive. Our lives are shortened by fear, warring, stress, and denial. I asked for the undeniable truth by which we exist and the very next day I realized I knew how to know what a lie is and what the truth is. For all my 75 years I have experienced the death of earth forged by human choices. Simplicity is the core signature of all in existence. Complex and complicated are lies and deception designed to enslave life. Awaken from hierarchy. We only need to give all life truth equality and abundance to thrive in kind without interference from the diabolically insane. Unite with Humanity in the truth for loves sake now!

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