Letter to Humanity 1978

Humanity cannot fix a Competitive Governing and Money Economy. Leaders never tell the truth, laws protect the wealthy. Profiting impoverishes all life. Stressing to live is dying.

Nothing in today's societies around the world is sustainable or growing intelligently with time. We are eight billion humans. All impoverished heart and soul and mind, but for a few among the good and bad and one percent fascist controllers. Thus surviving is not realized. Yet we feed our egos with hopeful celebrities only to fail and fail again from generations past and present. No hierarchic leadership or trillions of dollars can reverse our decaying earth home. Only uniting first to change our governing and stewardship of Earth to allow the people by 80 percent to collaborate and intimately cooperate to recover our ecosystems and species gives us hope for a future. To apply the stock piled solutions hidden from humanity world wide we must end hierarchical leadership, politics, wars, rules of law and money. Give all life truth equality and abundance to regenerate our planet sustainably. Thriving comes after we UniteFirst with love demanding/choosing Peace First Not Last. Could we save the earth's life systems competitively, we would all be thriving and fulfilled now and yesterday without poverty, war, and divided minds and hearts.

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