Our Knowledge of Our Creation

Knowledge by our own choices is the great mystery of human consciousness. We choose to be limited by beliefs and superstition, fear and self-doubt. Were we in consensus, in concert with truth in knowledge, all of humanity would be thriving in peace and fulfillment! Is the truth complex? No. Is the truth knowable? Yes. Yet humans have warred voluntarily throughout human story. Humans were created by what appeared to us as gods. The gods originally created us to be their slaves. Did ET'S create all the races of humans? No, just the Whites and Blacks. Earth has been colonized by many races observing different cultures and philosophies. Imagine choosing to end human conflict by giving all life equality, truth and abundance regardless of contribution and abilities. Only in peace and harmony can we live on earth much longer, and experience fulfillment! See -- to awaken to save our planets life giving systems, peacefully.

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