Technology Is Not The Solution

Technology like I phones are detrimental to human choices due to the deep dependency programming by a hand full of people controlling human potential. Instead of being benevolent intentioned we are programmed to be selfish because without enough money we cannot live. From birth we realize humans are forced to be hostile. Profiteers have the most power over people. Boycott money, all laws but one, do no harm, and end hierarchies. Give all life truth equality and abundance and we realize that equality is the source of all wisdom and simplicity is always the solution and the "Meta" aka creation observed. Meaning how creation works thus the answers and solutions moment to moment. Quantum means all in all are relative. Metaphysics describes how we created creation and the principles, the nature of creation and self. The Second principle is correspondence meaning we are perfectly connected due to all in all are the source of all in all. The fabric and nature of self = creation is love. Consciousness chooses to be awake or programmed. Cognizance sees every moment as it really is. Every new generation changes the meaning of the important words that keep us in the truth. Thus, each generation rejects the previous generation mostly because peace is never evident. Though we try and try again Governments laws and money keep us enslaved. See the everlasting solution to war and hierarchies.

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