Unite or End All Life

Does all life and earth have and continue to experience security and comfort, art and beauty, peace and freedom? No! Do we have borders, wars, and molestation of nature? Yes! Than don't tell me to be positive! I refuse to appease others while making us all contributors of mental illness, rape, warring, and molesting. Don't pretend to be happy and content. We all allow unnecessary suffering and get paid to keep the madness happening relentlessly. We all let governments be run by criminals for profit and immunity from molesting our children. What choice do we have? Only one... To unite humanity into a new way, a paradigm shift to give all life truth equality and abundance from birth till passing. " " The sooner we agree to live in peace with abundance for all life from birth till passing the sooner we have hope of recovering earths life systems by 2030. Unite first - Not Last

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