Where Are We In Creation-Existence

The Galaxy appears to be corrupt, not just our Earth planet. The word is Universe - one word, not God. In the beginning all in the universe aka all in the all co-created creation to experience guided by benevolent choices in Love. Were we on a penal colony or planetary karma trapped by our malevolent choices we would certainly have realized and harmonized before killing our planet. As ET'S continue to mine our planet and molest our minds and body's we ceased to remember our truth. Choice is the moment and every moment. Passionately I distain unnecessary suffering by our choices!!! I have experienced most every possibility on earth in this life time. I know how creation is created and the principles by which the physics of the universe function. Metaphysics, the 7 plus one principles. What I know from my point of view is relentlessly evident as the truth since my 5th year. Now 75 the truth proves itself even more evidently. Choice is all we have and choice is too hard to handle by most of humanity. Thus in 1978 I wrote the words of a platform to unite to become equal again living in peace. If we continue to deny self - our choice to live malevolently, we will continue this madness indefinitely. One unified choice to be personally and collectively responsible for the truth, equality, and abundance for all life. From benevolence we all harmonize in love with each other. Time to end denial by asking creation to show us how to know how to know truth. Equality is the source of all wisdom, lovingly peaceful, and the greatest adventure mapped in unity. As we were one in oneness before we co-created creation, the universe.

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